Paper Name P-13 Corporate Laws & Compliance P-14 Strategic Financial Management P-15 Strategic Cost Management P-16 DT Laws and International Taxation
Final Group-1 Corporate Law Compenduim AFM Compendium Assignment Assessment-Procedures
Law Qestion Bank Devidend Decision Network analysis Capital Gains
Mutual fund SIMPLEX CHART Clubbing and set off and carry forward
SFM – Theory & Formulas Transportation DT Case Law
SFM Derivatives Short Notes ABC Costing Quick Revision House Property
SFM Theory Notes Standard Costing Chart Income from other sources
Time Value of money SCM Theory MAT and Advance Tax
Costing FM Formulas Salaries
Costing Theory TDS Handwritten
Final Quick Revision Costing
Final Strategic Cost Management Theory 
All Costing Formulas
CM – All AS Summary
CM – Costing  theory


Paper Name P-17 Corporate Financial Reporting P-18 Indirect Tax Laws & Practice P- 19 Cost & Management Audit P-20 SPM and Business Valuation
Final Group-2 Accounting Standards CMA Custom PDF – CMA JUNE 2018 BSCM Compendium
FR theory GST Exemption list hand written Ratio Analysis
Ratio Analysis GST Full Module Notes SPM Compendium
Accounting Standards Summary BVM Compendium
CFR Complete Notes
Consolidation – NEW
Consolidated Financial Statement – NEW
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